Testimonials of the Mandeville Chapter

I joined MOMS Club of Mandeville, because I wanted to meet other stay at home moms in the area who were looking for similar interests, activities and socialization for their kids and themselves.  

I enjoy being a member of a club because it not only provides plenty of activities for my kids and I, but also gives me comfort to have such a wonderful group of moms who can provide support, who have lots of real life experience, to give an advice who can listen when you need to vent or to share your happiness.

Indre Kruth, Member since 2012

I initially joined the MOMS Club after my family moved to Mandeville with our your son, and I was looking for a way to become involved in social activities for the both of us.  I found the club through the International website, and immediately felt that it would be a great fit for our family, and help us to cultivate a network of friends and other families to help us build our life in new surroundings.

Beyond the initial opportunities to meet and create friendships with like-minded moms, the MOMS Club has provided so many wonderful opportunities and memories for our family.  The weekly meetings of our age-appropriate playgroup have given both my son and I wonderful group of friends that we greatly enjoy seeing, and have provided invaluable sharing and support throughout various developmental milestones.  The monthly club socials and Mom's Night Out events proved a great chance to catch up with other moms I have become close to, and meet new members of the club.  

Beyond the social interaction, the MOMS Club has also given me a platform to help give back, not just to other club members, but also to the greater community.  I am the Meals for MOMS coordinator, which helps provide meals to club members during various events, and the philanthropic work we do through holiday outreach programs and community service give me a sense of being part of a greater good.  The MOMS Club truly helps me to be a better parent and a more involved member of the Mandeville and Louisiana community.

Mollie Jellison, Member since 2011

I joined the MOMS Club of Mandeville after moving from California to Louisiana.  I wanted a way to meet other stay at home moms, especially with kids close to my son's age, as well as have a resource for my new community.  I have really enjoyed the age specific play groups for my son.  He has a great time playing with other kids his own age, while I have the opportunity to talk with moms and share our experiences living with toddlers.  I have also participated in the book club, and really look forward to that night out with other moms each month.

Shannon Chambers, Member since 2013

In the summer of 2011, we moved from the Southshore (Metairie) to the Northshore.  My husband and I felt the Northshore would provide a better quality of life for our family.  As an older, first time mom, I was interested in meeting moms with children of the same age.  The MOMS Club has provided fun activities that my daughter and I are able to enjoy together.

Rhonda Bourgeois, Member since 2012

I joined Mandeville MOMS Club to meet ladies that are enjoying the same time, our children's early years, in their lives as I am.  It's such a blessing to see these little people grow & sometimes you just need a little guidance or pat on the back that your doing a great job.  I also wanted to meet ladies I might find solid friendships with & eventual could friends that my whole family could enjoy.  I enjoy the Mandeville Chapter because of the play groups.  My son, 2.5 yrs, needed his own group away from big sister to grow & express himself.  Our group is laid back & about 7 members.  Just big enough to always stay busy yet small enough to share intimate thoughts, concerns and celebrations.

Brandy Koff, Member since 2013